Drishtee Immersion


Welcome to Stories by Drishtee Immersion. This is our places to share stories gathered from the field, from Immersion participants, and those shared by others about our global mobility experiential learning programs in India. 

Empathy empowers student/community partnerships for social impact! We are a global mobility program specialising in experiential learning, empathy, social innovation and community empowerment.

Immersion Stories: Utkarsh Somaiya

Immersion: breaking down assumptions, realising your own biases and forming raw, empathic connections. When I applied for the program, I knew the three weeks would be challenging and I fully expected to be taken out of my comfort zone.... 

Read about Utkarh's Immersion experience: https://utsbuildabroadblog.com/2017/05/15/one-year-on-drishtee-immersion-program/

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