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Welcome to Stories by Drishtee Immersion. This is our places to share stories gathered from the field, from Immersion participants, and those shared by others about our global mobility experiential learning programs in India. 

Empathy empowers student/community partnerships for social impact! We are a global mobility program specialising in experiential learning, empathy, social innovation and community empowerment.

Immersion Stories: Belinda Tang

Afforded the unique opportunity to learn about rural life during my time with Drishtee Immersion in a village nestled amongst the Western Ghat mountains of Maharashtra. This is Tokobai's story, as experienced during my days spent experiencing daily life with this most inspiring woman.

Tokobai married young; womanhood had barely welcomed her. At the raw age of fourteen, she was off — sent to another village, ricocheted into new grass, new fields, new mountains. A new life. She was a beautiful new bride, rocking on the back of a cart, crossing a road for the first and final time... 

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