Drishtee Immersion


Welcome to Stories by Drishtee Immersion. This is our places to share stories gathered from the field, from Immersion participants, and those shared by others about our global mobility experiential learning programs in India. 

Empathy empowers student/community partnerships for social impact! We are a global mobility program specialising in experiential learning, empathy, social innovation and community empowerment.

Immersion Mosaic: Student experience perspectives

India, with it's overload of mega-cities, intoxicating scents, explosions of colour hits you like a steam train, from the moment you leave the airport.  In the ensuing 21 days as a part of a true Immersion, the sensory overload continues unabated. You're a part of many exciting adventures, getting to know countless inspiring people, and inevitably creating deep connections to your host village. Often, it's not until long after returning to the familiar surrounds of home that our mind has a chance to process and in a sense catch-up with India's imprint. 

And so, we asked some of our recent student participants to share a soundbite from their experience. These are student experience perspectives captured long after returning home, following participation in many different Immersion programs. Together these represent a mosaic of colour, inspiration and lasting transformation. 

Jamie Clark Drishtee Immersion
My time in rural India is something I will always cherish. It was so unique and definitely provides an education that no classroom can emulate.

My favourite aspect of the program was just the time spent with the local people. The sharing of stories, knowledge and simply celebrating each other’s differences.
— Jamie Clark

Maia Sternberg UTS Drishtee Immersion
Drishtee Immersion is a truly transformative and life changing experience. It is a fantastic opportunity to apply oneself and ones knowledge into a new cultural context and open never-before-discovered dimensions to your persona. To grow and learn through meaningful connection with people and culture.

It is transformative in that I developed a new framework for intercultural, behavioural and interpersonal relations that I found directly applicable to my degree studies and life in general.
— Maia Sternberg

bihar drishtee immersion womens empowerment project.jpg
My Immersion experience has unconsciously changed my perspectives about the world. Being able to share raw, genuine connections with people from other countries, despite the language and cultural barrier, has shown me that empathy is absolutely fundamental to understanding others. Even now I am constantly surprised how much of a difference it makes!

Empathy is such an important aspect of our everyday lives and learning how to use this skill as an innovative process is something I will cherish and pursue as a future registered nurse.
— Bilqis Kencana

Belinda Tang Drishtee Immersion
Something that has stayed with me since my participation is Tokobai! She is representative of the people I met during my Immersion.. they are some of the most gorgeous and lovely people I’m ever likely to meet. I still remember the beauty of the village and the openness of those who welcomed us into their homes.
— Belinda Tang

matthew byers BCII UTS student Drishtee Immersion
One of the things that has stayed with me from my experience is the creative power of empathy. Too often we focus on the problems, pain points and limitations of a system, and I think it is really hard to create a positive intervention when coming from a negative mindframe. Being able to understand a situation through the eyes of someone else takes the pressure off you to play the role of the “problem solver” and allows you to contribute something that can be sustained by the dreams, ambitions and successes of the community itself.
— Matthew Byers

Evatni Bright Drishtee Immersion Bihar
The Immersion experience pushed me out of my comfort zone while simultaneously giving me a once in a lifetime experience. Meeting people and hearing their experiences and stories is something I will never forget, even now I catch myself thinking about these amazing villagers!
— Evatni Bright

Molly Bowers UNSW Drishtee Immersion India
In such a short amount of time I made such deep connections with people that transcended cultural and language barriers - it was a truly powerful experience. It really is a completely different world in India - the things that you see, the people that you meet, foods that you eat. Most striking is the genuine hospitality of people and how completely different their daily lives are to mine. It was so eye opening! These experiences have changed how I see my own life.
— Molly Bowers

Ian McKelvey India Immersion
My immersion experience was challenging but beyond rewarding. India really offered itself and the people I met, places I visited and experiences I shared all hold a special place for me.

I went over hoping to share some of my knowledge but I think it was more the people I met that taught me something. The importance of compassion, understanding and simplicity.
— Iain McKelvey

Rhojan_with_family_Rajasthan - reduced.jpg
Seeing a villager who was in the beginning quiet and shy by the end of the trip become open, smiling, and going out of their way to speak to you. That transformation was a moment I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.
— Rhojan Viloria

April Bae UTS Drishtee Immersion India
Dristee Immersion was truly an eye-opening experience. Although there were many ups and downs during the trip, what shone through the life-changing experience was the sense of community and amazing people I met along the way.
— April Bae

Jessica Wang UTS Drishtee Immersion India
The experiences and opportunities I was given during my immersion with Drishtee is something I still find myself thinking about a year and a half later. Everyday was brimming with interesting conversations and the generosity of everyone we met, from the villagers, Drishtee staff and community members were all amazing.

Personally the highlight for me was visiting temples to learn about cultural beliefs and other facets of village life like government and social institutions.
— Jessica Wang