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Welcome to Stories by Drishtee Immersion. This is our places to share stories gathered from the field, from Immersion participants, and those shared by others about our global mobility experiential learning programs in India. 

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Farewell to our dear friend, Fabian Haworth

The Drishtee team has been shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of our dear friend, Fabian Haworth. Our love and support goes to his family and friends. 

Fabian was a participant in our 'Drishtee Immersion' program in our Bihar partner village, Saurath. During his time in Bihar Fabian shone like a beacon of humanity for all of those around him. You sense Fabian's adventurous spirit, irrepressible personality and follow his 'misadventures' via his blog.  


In his honour and with respect to his family and friends, Drishtee Immersion co-founder, Nathan Wiltshire, shared some stories at Fabian's memorial yesterday. Below is an exert of the speech, attempting to highlight the significant impact Fabian achieved... 

"While we spent much time collaborating at UTS, it was during our time together in India that I saw a different side to Fabian. 

While living in a village for three weeks it is common to see people struggle with basic living conditions, unfamiliar food, and confronting social issues. India will do that to you, either you crumple under the weight of these personal challenges, or you will flourish as you learn more about yourself and find inspiration in unique experiences. With Fabian it was definitely the latter. 

In fact, Fabian was drawn away from his own struggles towards supporting those around him. For me, this is a fundamental aspect of Fabian, humble, selfless, and a unique ability to treat everyone as a human being of equal value.

This last point was ever-more evident during a visit I had three months ago to the same village in Bihar, Saurath. As it had been two years since Fabian’s visit, I was surprised when the Drishtee team leader, IBT, randomly mentioned that the organic farming project Fabian developed with teammate John, had been implemented. To see it in action I dropped my plan in order to spend the day visiting farmers. When we sat down to discuss the project over a ‘garam garam’ chai or two, I asked about Fabian’s organic compost idea. 

The farmers said the prototype itself was doomed to failure, it would be flooded the moment monsoon came. It was a fundamental design flaw that can happen to the best of innovation ideas. Feeling a little cress-fallen I questioned then, how had the project been implemented? 

Then came a revelation… Being farmers they were already aware of organic farming, they knew of government subsidies to build infrastructure and so on. However, until the time they met Fabian no one from a position of knowledge had ever shown real respect, true care and genuine selfless intentions to help these people. This was enough to trigger several farmers into action, to organise themselves to become organic after decades of declining crop yields, illness and despair.  

In fact, in recent weeks, this realization as to the power of selflessness to empower change has significantly impacted our approach to Immersion and social impact in villages. The Drishtee team in India shares their thanks to Fabian for leading the way. 

He will continue to inspire me to fight for those less fortunate, to be humble and to try harder every day to be selfless."  

The loss of Fabian is difficult to fathom. However, one thing is clear, his irrepressible personality and selflessness will live on in our hearts. We miss you terribly Fabian. 

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Fabian and Drishtee Immersion crew