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Welcome to Stories by Drishtee Immersion. This is our places to share stories gathered from the field, from Immersion participants, and those shared by others about our global mobility experiential learning programs in India. 

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Immersion Stories: Rhojan Viloria

Soda-mn sentimental by Rhojan Viloria


My experience of India throughout my three-week program with Drishtee Immersion was – trying not to exaggerate – almost indescribable. Whether it was the team I met up with at the airport, the people we learned more about during our journey, to simply the culture of India itself. From the differing cultural norms, the stories and experiences you would hear that can break your heart, or just the environment. But without this challenge, I wouldn’t be where I am now, a much stronger mentally and emotionally prepared person with the clear understanding of what true empathy can bring...

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Summarising, my time in Rajasthan was something that I will never forget. It wasn’t the big moments such as the presentation to the village, nor the Independence Day assembly at the school which made my travel worth it. It was the small moments. The kids calling out your name on the street as they spot you walking around the village after spending a day playing hand games with them earlier. The reactions you would receive from people when you would say “Ap ke se ho” to them during your introductions. When someone in the village who was shy and reserved at the start of the program, slowly came out of their shell and even started learning my language and speaking it back. It was these moments, though small in comparison to the big picture, were special in their own manner. Although I could talk to people in Australia about the program and the great things we achieved during our time in India, it was these little flashes, those little instants, that will forever stay in my heart.

Rhojan is a student in Business & Engineering who recently completed our Rajasthan Immersion program.