Drishtee Immersion
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Social Business

Drishtee Immersion, a social business following Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus's model. Focused on social impact for all stakeholders. 

Drishtee Immersion, a sustainable social business

Drishtee Immersion continues the long-standing tradition of parent organisation, Drishtee, in valuing sustainable communities above all else. When you seek purpose over profit it is possible to deepen impacts. We operate as a 'social business', a world-changing concept developed by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus. This means everything we do is focused on providing transformative learning experiences for participants and implementing community-driven innovations to improve lives in India's villages.  Being a business and not a charity means we operate efficiently, not influenced by charitable funds and grants, while no one receives profit or dividends from our work. Surplus revenue is used to fund more community innovations, to pilot another potential solution, or to provide extra special experiences for program participants. 

To guide this work we have a manifesto, which gives life to everything we do. We seek customers, partners who share a similar view and see their role in improving it. 

1. Intention for empathy 

We are genuine in our intentions, to facilitate empathy and foster deep understanding. Our partners and collaborations come to us as interpretivist,  genuinely seeking to understand the world from a different perspective, with an open-mind to give fundamental shifts a chance to flourish.

2. Driven for innovation 

The world needs new, real solutions for the many intractable challenges. We are action orientated and seek partners who share our energy and enthusiasm for real change. Be ready to champion a new, empathic approach to innovation and persist for real outcomes.

3. Commitment to long-term impact

Innovation and sustainable development are only possible with long-term partnerships. The complexity of cognition and perceptions becomes less of a hurdle over time. We seek only committed partners serious about creating positive impact.