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So you've been to India with Drishtee Immersion... but once India gets under your skin you want more. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal! With a country as vast, diverse, and vibrant there is so much to take in, to learn and to be inspired by. That's why we've created "Drishtee Immersion Fellowship". A Fellowship is your opportunity to return to India, continuing where you left off, and develop leadership skills.

Drishtee Immersion fellowship

Welcoming our alumni back to deepen knowledge & impact!

Drishtee Immersion Fellowship is a unique opportunity to continue your empathy and impact journey! Specifically for those who have previously undertaken our standard three-week India program. If you are yet to join us, please see details of our regular program here.

Fellowship: How does it work?

Drishtee Immersion Fellowship is a unique opportunity to join the team following completion of undergraduate studies. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just graduated or have been working for some years. Anyone with past Drishtee Immersion experience will always be welcome as part of their India family :) Fellows support the local team, living in our partner village, working towards community impact projects. Meanwhile, joining student immersion programs to provide crucial mentorship and coordination support. Fellowship is for a period of between 6 and 12 months, which enables sufficient time to settle into village life, continue personal development, and support meaningful positive impacts in the community.

Drishtee Immersion Fellows contribute $3000 towards costs. This includes all basic necessities (e.g. accommodation, food and local transport) during your stay with us. In addition, Fellows are required to organise their air travel to India, visa, and personal items. We like to time Fellowship commencement with our India immersion programs. We currently have November 2019 and February 2020 open for application. Apply today, we assess on a rolling basis and have very limited numbers!

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