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Drishtee Immersion connects people from around the world with rural India to share, learn and co-create. On our flagship Immersion program participants are invited as guest of a rural community to participate in everyday life, to not only see but feel everyday challenges, to become villagers for three weeks. These insights lead to empathy level understanding that can seed simple yet powerful innovations for solutions to rural needs.

Drishtee Immersion connects university students from around the world with rural India. Our unique 3-week Immersion program has participants as guests of a rural community, to become villagers, to participate in everyday life for real empathy: to see, feel & transform village needs
Drishtee Immersion works with innovative universities and social organisations from around the world. As a part of Drishtee, outcomes from Immersion programs have the potential for wide scale impacts across 6,000 villages in 15 states of India

Email: nathan.w@drishtee.in & satyan.m@drishtee.in

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For participants, Immersion is a truly unique opportunity to travel into authentic rural India. There's no tourist trail here, just real villages with an indescribable warmth and generosity of spirit. You'll be driven to repay this with your passion, energy and empathy. Immersion is a place for you to explore the world, explore yourself, to be inspired towards whatever future leadership goals in your dreams.

For educators & organisations, Drishtee Immersion provides a world-leading pedagogical approach to experiential learning. Based on design thinking inspired 'flipped learning' methods we teach participants advanced empathy skills to empower deep engagement with India and their host community. At junctures throughout there are opportunities for self directed learning, supported by a team of experts in diverse fields including cross-cultural communication and empathy, rural water, rural livelihoods, innovation and sustainable rural development. Further, participants collaborate constantly with community stakeholders to ensure their learning and project outcomes are deeply embedded in meaningful local needs. Drishtee Immersion operates an ethical social business model that seeks to break-even with any surplus funds re-invested into partner rural communities. We are a partner you can trust for creating positive social impact. 

Drishtee Immersion is a social business focused on creating social impact, not profits. Co-founded by Drishtee CEO & acclaimed Ashoka Fellow, Satyan Mishra, along with empathy & innovation expert, Nathan Wiltshire. With a unique blend of academics and sustainable rural India development expertise you can trust Drishtee Immersion to provide professional, secure, and impactful international learning experiences.

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